Quite simply, I wouldn’t have finished my first half iron triathlon without Anne-Marie. Before getting coaching from Anne-Marie, I saw inconsistent results with training plans that weren’t tailored to my goals. If I fell behind with the set training plans that you can buy, it was a game of catch up that I felt like I could never recover from. I often got dejected and trained even less. In contrast, Anne-Marie understands that life can impede training and helps to adapt her plans to match the needs and fitness of her athletes. She’s coached me to multiple running PRs, to a new PR at the Olympic triathlon distance, and helped me conquer my first 70.3. And, she’s been my second biggest cheerleader (behind only my husband)!
She’s there to support you with a positive note about a workout, a calming text during those freak out moments, and a nudge when it’s necessary to get you back on track.  She brings out the best of me as an athlete. I am achieving goals and improving in ways that I could imagine but never achieved on my own. In this regard, I see my success as Anne-Marie’s success too. Thanks for being an amazing coach, Anne-Marie!
–Korryn Mozisek, Pittsburgh PA

I starting working with Anne-Marie in January of 2017 with a goal of completing my first full Ironman. I had never competed in a triathlon up to this point, but I had been competing in other endurance races for several years. Anne-Marie set up a training program and schedule that utilized my skill set from other endurance races to build technique and strength that would help me transition into triathlons. I created quite a challenge for Anne-Marie due the fact that at the time we started working together I did not have a bike, I had never swam for distance, and I already had a busy race schedule. Anne-Marie’s training accounted for all of those obstacles and helped me too improve in my other endurance races as well. Most notably, finishing 10th in the Elite division at the New Jersey Spartan Ultra Beast (50 km obstacle race) after finishing 41st in 2016.

Anne-Marie’s race experience and attention to detail enables her to understand the individual needs of each athlete. She understands the amount of work and time it take to prepare for these types of events. Her knowledge of nutrition and race day planning are invaluable. Anne-Marie’s training and guidance not only allowed me to just complete the 2017 Lake Placid Ironman, but it prepared me to finish in just over 13 hours.

I would highly recommend Anne-Marie’s services to any looking to complete their first triathlon or any other type of endurance racing or to anyone looking to get stronger, faster and improve during their next event. Anne-Marie is a great coach and I look forward to working with her in 2018 as we train to achieve a sub 12 hour time at the Lake Placid Ironman.

— Chris Sanner, Melcroft PA



I started training with Anne-Marie in 2016 as a newbie triathlete in a program called “Just Tri It” designed specifically for first time triathletes. This program guided me to successfully completing my first triathlon. During the program, she provided an effective and easy to follow training plan and ran several workshops to develop basic skills in swimming, tire changing, and transitions. Her enthusiasm and encouragement along with her knowledge instilled the belief that each of the athletes in the “Just Tri It” program would successfully complete their first triathlon. It was no surprise that all of the participants did complete their first triathlon!

July 30, 2017: Ironman Ohio 70.3

Just a few months later I began contemplating my first attempt at a half IRONMAN race. Once again, working with Anne-Marie provided me with effective workouts, tailored to my abilities, and key advice regarding pacing and race day nutrition which directly contributed to my successful completion of the IRONMAN 70.3 Ohio race less than 1 year after she helped me complete my first triathlon! I can’t thank Anne-Marie enough for all of the help, support and knowledge she has shared with me during my short time as an endurance athlete!

–Jeff Shulkosky, Pittsburgh PA

As Ultra Endurance Mountain Bike racers, nutrition is a critical component to getting the most out of your training and recovering as quickly as possible.  More importantly, a healthy diet puts you in a better state of mind, keeps you lean, and fuels your body with the right nutrients at the right time.  We’ve been professionally coached and studying nutrition for years.  Prior to working with Anne Marie and AEW Coaching, we’d heard about and tried virtually every diet concept “in the book”, but with little success.   Anne Marie’s program finally connected the dots.  The Metabolic Efficiency diet makes sense in every respect.  It’s not based on crazy philosophies.  It’s doesn’t require you to starve yourself, eat crazy foods, fast, or commit to an impossible diet.  In fact, whether you are just looking to lose weight, have more consistent energy, improve your health, or win a national championship, this is the most effective, sustainable, healthy dietary plan you could be on.  By simply balancing your ratios appropriately, extra fat and weight practically melt off, which is a benefit anyone can be happy about.  Recovery times for serious athletes are drastically reduced by properly timing and balancing protein and carbohydrate ratios.   For Ultra Endurance athletes, adapting your body to rely on fat as a fuel source at higher intensities means more energy for longer periods of time.  We are not sponsored by AEW Coaching.  We don’t benefit from writing a positive testimonial.  There aren’t any products we are trying to sell or push through the program.   We simply and truly believe in the Met Eff diet and Anne Marie’s ability to educate her clients about it.  We want to encourage everyone to get healthy, stop the dieting roller coasters, and give it a try.
Jim Litzinger- 2016 National Single Speed MTB Endurance Champion.  2016 Rincon Costa Rica Single Speed Champion
Anthony Grinnell- 2014, 2015, 2016 Top 10 ranked Men’s Open/Pro National Ultra Endurance MTB Racer

Rob IMLP finish2
Ironman Lake Placid, 07/26/15

Anne-Marie helped me with my goal of becoming an Ironman, in under 13 hours, with a  smile on my face! She set up a structured 6 month training plan, which focused on  interval training, and integrated seamlessly with my existing group training  (e.g.  Masters Swims, track workouts, and long ride groups). She setup all the workouts to  effectively build endurance over time, without burnout, and adjusting along the way for  injuries and personal time conflicts. While we were physically located 300 miles apart,  we were in continuous email communications reviewing the Garmin data that I would  upload to Training Peaks, as well as a few calls to discuss race strategy.  The  individualized feedback and adjustments were invaluable for keeping me focused and  motivated. Anne-Marie also offered me valuable first-hand advice on all the intangibles  of endurance racing, such as nutrition, equipment and race day planning. I highly  recommend Anne-Marie’s unique brand of coaching services for athletes looking to  accomplish new goals or achieve their personal bests.

–Rob, Financial Analyst – US Dept of Energy, Alexandria, VA

I utilized Anne-Marie as a coach to increase my 5k and half marathon time as well as to complete a 70.3 distance triathlon. I met all my goals with great success and I largely attribute that success to Anne Marie’s coaching. We seamlessly work together from two different parts of the country. Anne-Marie was incredibly informative, responsive, flexible and offered amazing guidance along the way. I highly recommend her as a coach.

–Jodi, Fort Meyers Beach, FL

2014 New York City Marathon finisher!

When I first sat down and talked with Anne-Marie halfway through 2013, I just wanted to  build up to running a 5k – that’s really all I was hoping for. With AM’s guidance, the miles  kept adding up and I ended up running 8 5k’s, three half marathons, my first multi-sport  race and finishing my first full marathon in New York City in November 2014. I was  stunned that in just over a year, I had learned and done so much. Anne-Marie is patient,  well versed on nutrition and sports science and a very experienced athlete herself. I would  not have accomplished as much as I did, as quickly as I did, without her help. I couldn’t ask  for a better coach!!

–Pete, Physician & father, Pittsburgh PA



EPH13 Anne-Marie has been the perfect coach for me. She is able to listen to all of my concerns  and answer my questions thoroughly. She helps me respect the balance between work,  family life, and my competitive goals. She knows when I’m nervous about trying new  things (like open water swims and long bike rides) and helps me push myself out of my  comfort zone and realize new achievements. She also knows my strengths and  remembers them and encourages me to use them to work harder and dig deeper. She’s  helped me eat better and get stronger. She’s also managed to keep it fun, which can be  hard when life gets busy.

I trust Anne-Marie, I rely on her and I know she believes in me. These elements are really important to me in a coach-athlete relationship. I’m not looking for someone who makes me feel bad if I get injured or family life makes it too hard to train on a certain day. I’m looking for a coach who keeps me positively encouraged, who supports me, who works with me to set goals and celebrates with me when I reach those goals. Anne-Marie works hard herself, too, which is also inspiring. I couldn’t ask for a better coach.

–Elizabeth, Business owner & mom of 3, Pittsburgh, PA

Prior to working with Anne-Marie I struggled to reach my personal best, constantly fighting nutrition and under/over training issues.  Anne-Marie helped me to develop a personal training and nutrition plan that not only fits with my busy schedule but has allowed me to continuously exceed my goals.  In a single season working with Anne-Marie, I was able to make the leap from struggling to complete Olympic distance races to finishing multiple half ironman races.
–Sean, Pittsburgh PA

I had the pleasure of working with Anne-Marie for six months to improve my cycling strength. It was a busy time during my PhD and I wasn’t able to motivate myself to ride. Anne-Marie tailored a rigorous training program that also fit my busy schedule. In addition to spinning techniques, I learned how to use my Garmin on rides as well as the Training Peaks software. Anne-Marie also taught me nutrition and the importance of integrating more protein in my diet (rather than eating carb heavy). Anne-Marie is a very strong rider and superb coach. She is generous with her time and listens well. I highly recommend her services!

–Katie W., Albany, NY

It was a pleasure to work with Anne-Marie.  She was able to clearly explain the process of Metabolic Efficiency to help us improve our eating plan.  As athletes, it is critical to fuel properly for your workout or competition, as well as daily living! She was readily available to answer any questions and support our needs.  Anne-Marie is a very approachable individual. She is easy to work with and non-judgmental in an area where people may have built-in sensitivities. So glad that we found Anne-Marie to guide us on a heathier journey!

–Deb and George S., Pittsburgh, PA

Anne-Marie created a strength training program that got me started and staying with a regular strength routine. The plan was customized to my home gym, for my ability, and structured to grow as my strength grows over time. I highly recommend Anne-Marie as a sport and health coach.

–Katie V., Pittsburgh, PA