Endurance Sports Coaching

What’s your goal?

Regardless of whether you’re lacing up your running shoes for the first time or a seasoned athlete in search of your next personal best, I’m here to help you reach your goals!
Regardless of whether you’re biking for the first time or a seasoned athlete in search of your next personal best, I’m here to help you reach your goals!

Finish a marathon? Improve your Olympic triathlon finish time? Run your first 5k? Experience Mike Reilly calling out your name followed by, “You are an Ironman”?!

As a coach, my role is not only to provide workouts, but also to provide ongoing support, encouragement, and expertise. I believe in optimizing training time to ensure efficient and quality training without sacrificing a healthy balance between athletic pursuits and family, friends, and work. When we’re working together, I will design a training plan around your specific schedule requirements and available training time. We can even include other activities you already participate in, such as yoga classes or masters swimming as part of your training.

Following an initial consultation to discuss your background, current fitness level, goals, available training time and preferences, I will create an individual training plan just for you.

Training plans are delivered electronically via the Training Peaks interface. Each workout includes details using heart rate, perceived exertion, or power targets. TRAINING PEAKSThis system allows you to log on and see workouts for a week or longer, so you can prepare accordingly. Once you’ve completed the workout, you can upload data files or notes about the workout to Training Peaks, where I can review your progress, provide feedback, and adjust future training accordingly. With Training Peaks, I am able to coach anyone, anywhere in the world!

Communication is key to a successful coaching relationship and is highly encouraged. The more feedback I receive from you, the better coaching service I can provide. Coaching programs include unlimited communication via phone, email and text messaging; in-person meetings may be set up as schedules and location permits.

My personal racing and coaching experience has taught me that every athlete deserves unique coaching to meet their unique goals. Throughout my racing career, I have progressed from a back-to-middle-of-the-pack age group athlete to consistently finishing at the top of my age group and qualifying for Elite Amateur status at specific races. My journey has taught me how to train effectively and race strategically, how to develop mental toughness, and that sometimes the most important lessons come from events we brush off as ‘failures’.

My goal is to not only to improve your athletic performance, but to use sports as a way to teach lessons that go beyond the workout and help you to become an even better version of yourself.

Coaching packages include:

  • Personalized training plan tailored to your specific goals
  • *Workout descriptions include instructions for heart rate, power or perceived exertion
  • *Unlimited adjustments made to training plan as needed
  • Analysis of data files (ie, Garmin)
  • Feedback on completed workouts and races
  • Unlimited communication via phone/email/text
  • Sports nutrition recommendations
  • Training Peaks premier account ($19.95/month value)
  • Guidance on race selection and race strategy
  • Goal setting assistance

Contact me for pricing and current specials.
Student and military discounts are available.

Looking for something else? Contact me for pricing on special services such as group training plans or supplemental training.

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