Clean Burn Shape: It’s Detox Time!

Well, here it is…  A brand new year! Many of you are setting goals to eat healthier and be more fit.  Being an endurance athlete, I myself need to get back on track after a few too many treat splurges over the holidays (Mom’s homemade Christmas cookies galore, chocolate mousse brownies, ice cream, did I mention Christmas cookies?!)…. Who else is guilty of too many splurges?!

Here’s where I can help you!

I myself am planning to do the Orenda 10-Day Clean Burn Shape program and I’m inviting you to take this all-important first step with me.  I have been using Orenda vitamins since 2010 and am a firm believer in their products, and I’m excited to try this new detox program.

Clean Burn Shape is different from other nutrition/weight loss products because it isn’t only about food choices or counting calories.  It’s about detoxing and nourishing the body with nutrient-dense foods of your choice – with the support of a health coach (ME!!!) 🙂

DetoxWhy do we need to detox?  We are exposed to toxins everywhere!  Car exhaust, pesticides used on non-organic produce, manufacturing pollution, processed “frankenfoods”, household cleaning products, and parabens and phthalates in shampoo and other toiletries, just to name a few!  These toxins build up in our systems and overload our natural detoxification pathways.  When our internal detox system isn’t functioning optimally, we can feel fatigued and our metabolism slows down.

How does it work?  Clean Burn Shape utilizes 3 products in conjunction with an emphasis on a diet rich in organic veggies and fruit and it is vegetarian/vegan-friendly though you can also add in lean, organic animal protein if you’d like.  Clean provides nutrients that help support the body’s natural detoxifying processes.  Burn utilizes green coffee extract to maintain healthy post-meal glucose levels, supports the body’s ability to lose weight naturally, and supports a healthy lean mass (muscle) to fat mass ratio.  Shape is a nutritional shake that provides plant-based protein, fiber, greens and omega-3 support.

More details on the supplements:

  • Clean: provides nutrients that support the body’s natural detoxification processes, including aronia fruit powder, alfalfa grass powder, aloe vera powder, potassium hydrogen glucarate, peptizyme SP, artichoke leaf extract, ashwaghanda extract, burdock root extract, eleuthero root extract, fennel seed extract, licorice root extract, milk thistle extract, pau d’arco extract, peppermint leaf extract, rhodiola rosea extract, suma root extract, yellow dock root extract, and turmeric extract.
  • Burn: Each capsule contains 300mg of green coffee extract to help the body maintain healthy glucose levels after meals, support the body’s ability to lose weight naturally, and to support a healthy lean mass (muscle) to fat ratio. Green coffee provides support for normal intestinal glucose absorption and support for normal glucose liberation in the liver, which help to maintain a healthy glycemic effect and support the body’s fat-burning abilities.
  • Shape: Nutritional shake mix containing organic flax, spirulina, chia seed, blue green algae, barley grass, wheat grass, spinach, chlorella, oat grass, quinoa sprouts, pea fiber, and kamut grass, along with plant-based protein, fiber, greens, omega-3 support and other vitamins and minerals.

How does the 10-day program work?

Each day, you’ll do 1-2 packets of Clean herbal supplement, 3 Burn (green coffee extract) capsules – one with each meal, and 1-2 Shape shakes.  You’ll receive a calendar that explains when to take each supplement, and a shopping list of foods to eat (hint: lots of veggies!).  The supplements are not intended to take the place of meals but rather to provide additional support to your body while eating clean, unprocessed foods.  The supplements combined with a clean diet lead to a reduction in inflammation and common symptoms such as bloating, fatigue, and joint pain.

What kinds of foods do you eat during this program?  Organic fruits and veggies make up the bulk of your food consumption, and you can also do legumes such as beans and peanuts.  Dairy products, grains, alcohol, and refined sugar are avoided.  Yes, you can still have a cup of coffee or tea if you need caffeine, but you may be feeling so good once your body starts to detox that you won’t even need the caffeine kick!

I’ll be kicking off this program on Monday, January 23.  Who wants to join me?!  It’s 10 days of ongoing accountability from me, membership to a private Facebook group with others who share your goal, and daily nutrition, health and exercise tips.

To get started:  Visit and enter Gift Card Code CBS-91646 to place your order.  Select 10 Day Reset for everything you need for the 10 day program, plus a free day (to try before the group program starts, OR to give to a friend to try!), and a 30-day subscription to Clean Burn Shape Life, a website that provides recipes and meal ideas as well as guided workouts.  Everything will be shipped directly to your door!  Be sure to order soon so that your Clean Burn Shape will arrive in time to start on Jan 23.

**After you’ve done that, please sign up here with name and email so that you’ll receive daily emails from me during the program and access to the group’s facebook page.

Not sure if Clean Burn Shape is right for you?  Visit the above link and use the code and select 1-day free trial instead.  You’ll receive all the supplies you need for one day of Clean Burn Shape as well as a 14-day trial to Clean Burn Shape Life for only the cost of shipping ($4.95).

Questions?  Contact me at – I’d love to hear from you and am looking forward to working with you in this program!

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