7 Steps to Success in Endurance Sports Guide

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Welcome!  Thank you for your interest in my e-guide, 7 Steps to Success in Endurance Sports.  I hope you find this useful regardless of your sport and where you are in your endurance journey.

When I signed up for my first triathlon, I had NO CLUE where to begin.  I didn’t know how I should balance the different types of training, or how much I should train, or how I should plan my strategy for the race… There was a lot of trial and error!

I created this e-guide with the things I wish I’d known when I was getting started in my training and racing days, as well as things I’ve learned along the way from years of training, racing, and coaching other endurance athletes.  Some of the information in the e-guide is best worked through with a pen and paper, such as creating a Race Day Plan.

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Here’s to your endurance success!