14-Day Healthy Jumpstart!

The 14-Day Healthy Jumpstart! program has everything you need to implement long-lasting, healthy changes in your life.  Unlike other programs that require abrupt changes to diet, lifestyle and exercise routines, the 14-Day Healthy Jumpstart! introduces new information gradually so you have time to learn, reflect, and plan how you can upgrade your diet, incorporate exercise, and change up daily routines for a healthier, happier you!

This program is suitable for you if…

  • You know you need to clean up your diet but aren’t sure where to start
  • You want to have more energy
  • You feel stressed out all the time, but aren’t sure why
  • You want to lose weight
  • You like the idea of new information being introduced gradually so you can implement changes at the pace that is right for you
  • You are interested in learning about some of the root causes of why you’re experiencing certain symptoms or why your body feels a certain way
  • You want to cook healthy meals but are short on time and/or need recipe inspiration

After signing up, you’ll receive an email each day for 2 weeks.  Each day’s email will contain information centered around a particular topic with a challenge or mini assignment (don’t worry; they are fun and easy!) to help you get started implementing the day’s information.

Topics covered in the 14-Day Healthy Jumpstart! include:

  • Hydration
  • Stress and Adrenal System – and why adrenal health matters!
  • Fat – the good, the bad & why we need it
  • Protein – our body’s building blocks
  • Carbs and sugar – and the “blood sugar roller coaster”!
  • Mindful eating & digestive health
  • Leaky Gut & Gut Healing
  • Sleep – why it is SO important to our well-being and strategies for getting more restful sleep
  • Exercise & Physical Activity
  • Food quality (and why it matters)
  • Nutrient density vs. calorie counting
  • Forming healthy habits

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